Saturday, October 25, 2008

Restaurant Reviews

The reason there have been no posts, has been because I have not been cooking. It dawned on me that I should review some of the restaurants that I have been to recently.

We took my father-in-law to Border's Cafe for his birthday. I love this place and I'll tell you why:
They serve Tex-Mex and Cajun food, what could be better? But not only that, the prices for everything are reasonable and they have the best tasting Mexican food in the area. Every other place I have ever been to in this area is bland. I have tried most of the things from the "Mexican" side of the menu. The Cajun choices sound good, but I enjoy the Guadalajara Chicken (stuffed with chorizo) and their shredded beef Burros too much to think about defecting to the other side... of the menu that is. If you have a choice for sides, get the jambalaya, it is great.

You will find medium sized portions, but everything is so reasonably priced that you could just order an appetizer without breaking the bank or have some endless warm chips and delicious salsa for gratis. Kids meals are 2.99, come with apple slices, fries, a drink and a candy for dessert.

The only complaints I have about this place is that it is too crowded inside and really noisy. The waitstaff are always kind and courteous.

Second review:

We were going to go to Chili's. We should have gone to Chili's. I know Chili's isn't gourmet dining, but it is pretty decent for a chain. For years, we had passed this place on the highway. It looked really good. The Chateau seemed to have an overflowing parking lot and usually that means good food in my book. I did not know it could also mean that a lot of people have bad taste in Italian food, but it does.

It was classy, clean and had great furnishings. But I was going there to eat, not to admire pictures of immigrants or my dining chair. My problem is that I have expectations, maybe they are high, but when I order homemade ravioli, I want it to be filled with ricotta, and warm. My ravioli had a dab of ricotta and was a little cold in the middle. I am also a red sauce snob, so I was not impressed with theirs. I ordered Chicken Francaise, which was supposed to chicken fried lightly in egg with a lemon wine sauce with mushrooms and prosciutto. What I got was Lemon Chicken Strips with Ham and Canned Mushrooms with ravioli on the side.

Everything on the menu was overpriced for the quality and portion. I have never left an Italian restaurant hungry, so this was a new experience for me. Even the kids wanted to eat dinner when they got home. So they obviously considered it a snack.

I will be going back at some point, as they have a good Sunday Brunch, where no Italian food is served.

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